Texas Checkered Dance Floor


The under structure is made of polypropylene and the top coat is made commercial grade vinyl.

Sizes available:

9x9 =  9 panels

9x12=12 panels

9x15=15 panels

9x18=18 panels

9x21=21 panels

9x24=24 panels

12x12=16 panels

12x15=20 panels

12x18=24 panels 

12x21=28 panels

12x24=32 panels

15x15=25 panels

15x18=30 panels

15x21=35 panels

15x24=40  panels

18x18=36 panels 

18x21=42 panels


12ft x 12ft – Suitable for up to 35-45 dancers

12ft x 15ft – Suitable for up to 45-55 dancers

18ft x 18ft – Suitable for up to 60-70 dancers

18ft x 21ft – Suitable for up to 75-90 dancers