• Reef Acrylic Plate Charger


    Hypnotic, distinct, bold. These are but a few words that capture the exceptional design of our sensational Reef Acrylic Plastic Charger Plate. In a vibrant color palate with textured, reef-like motif, this eye-catching plate makes an excellent addition to your serve ware collection. The solid color pattern of our reef charger plate makes an effortless accompaniment to your every party theme. Their exquisite elegance is bold and beautiful and will enhance the appeal of your table setting. The breezy, sea-side inspired design is perfect for a beach-side event while also serving to add depth and dimension as a display plate. Pair your chosen color with sea glass-tinted apothecary jars, candle holders or vases, then round out the look with a meaningful floral centerpiece. Perfect for upscale restaurants and catering events, this sophisticated charger plate lends a contemporary touch to every setting, event and decor style with ease. Whether a large setting or event that deserves the proper elegance and prestige, or a small venues perfect for executing a dramatic touch to remember, this brilliant reef charger plate accomplishes a timeless look with luxe styling, rich finishing and a striking textile. Bring out your inner party planning diva with a serve wear plate perfect for dinner parties, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, housewarming and more!